Hang Gliding

Kalahatty situated in the Nilgiri Mountain Ranges about 20 km from Ooty is a world-class hang gliding spot. Hang Glider is a kind of kite large in size. You are tied to the kite and suspended from the top of a mountain. You fly over the green mountain ranges, dense forest, waterfalls and beautiful streams.

Kalahatty is the launch area from where the hang gliders are suspended. You can take a jeep to reach Kalahatty. Training courses for hang gliding are organized in the town of Ooty from March to May. Summer is the best season for hang gliding in Ooty.

Horse back riding

This is another popular adventure sport available in Ooty. A tourist can hire a horse and either take a short ride around the lake or go and visit the beautiful countryside in and around the Ooty town. It is preferable that you possess some basic knowledge about horse riding. Though the guides are available, they don’t speak English and you can’t expect them to teach you everything.

You can hire a horse from the lakeside and either use it for a short period of time or go on treks. The best season for horse riding in Ooty is summer, specifically, between 15th April and June end. Race course in Ooty is 2.4 km long and it is noted to be one of the best race courses in India.


The Nilgiri Mountain Ranges is the excellent trekking site for the adventure lovers. It is rightly known as ‘trekker’s paradise’. Begin anywhere and your trek starts. There are treks everywhere. The several trek routs in the Nilgiri Mountains near Ooty differ in altitude, distance and terrain.

You can start from the base camp called Parsons valley and go trekking in various directions. At the meeting point of Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats, Madumalai Sanctuary is situated which opens up many new treks. Nilgiri Wildlife and Environment Association (NWLEA) can provide you with the information about trekking and a guide can also be hired can if necessary.


A favorite adventure sport for the tourists of all ages is boating. You can hire either paddleboats, or a rowboats or motorboats and enjoy boating in the several lakes of the town.


Lakes like Sandinalla and Avalanche provide fishing opportunities. But you must take prior permission from the department of Fisheries. The department is located near the main bus stand - Ooty. The fishing license is issued by the Assistance Director of the department.

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